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RECIPES FOR HEALTHY LIVING by Samantha Joye Foss, Esq.

As Dr. Morgan's daughters, we had one of two choices - eat well, or don't eat at all. Both my sister and I have chosen the former, and we like to think that we eat even better than my Mom. Ever crave a chocolate milkshake but you're afraid of what Dr. Morgan would have to say during your next visit? Join the club. I absolutely love chocolate banana milkshakes, but decided to give up dairy and processed foods several months ago. In order to satisfy my daily craving for a milkshake, I've come up with the following recipe:

(Serves 2)

2 cups unsweetened almond milk
2 frozen bananas (cut into coins)
5-7 ice cubes
2 scoops raw cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tablespoon of ground Flaxseed OR 1 tablespoon of Chia seed
Drops of Liquid Stevia to taste (I use 2)

1. Place all ingredients in a high-powered blender. I use a VitaMix, but a regular blender will work just fine.
2. Blend and enjoy.

Dr. Morgan Expands Practice To The Jersey Seashore


6100 Atlantic Avenue

Ventnor, New Jersey 08406


We've expanded to the Jersey Seashore area and are located in Ventnor, New Jersey at Atlantic and Cornwall Avenue; one block from the Beach. The house is yellow with blue awnings. The office entrance is on Cornwall Avenue.

As in Haddonfield, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women and men, intravenous therapies (including chelation therapy following the NIH protocol), extensive laboratory studies, medical weight loss, mesotherapy, biochemical nutritional assessment—all areas of Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine is the marriage between conventional American medical training and wellness medicine which is presently a European concept. Pharmacuetical medications are prescribed when necessary. Prevention and reversal of disease states is emphasized which is a European and Osteopathic (DO) concept. The short answer is that it is internal plastic surgery.

Office hours at Ventnor are Wednesday through Friday. Hours at Haddonfield are Monday and Tuesday.

The Atlantic City airport is fifteen minutes from the Ventnor office and overnight accommodations are possible.

Please be aware that Dr. Morgan is a fee for service physician, and insurance is not accepted. Insurance companies generally will not pay for prevention and reversal of disease.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

What are you going to do with the next 50 years of your life?

There IS a treatment for hot flashes, insomnia, abdominal weight gain, irritability, muscle pain, loss of energy, hair and sex drive. It's been available in Europe for decades and is called Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Thank you for your attendance at our lectures in Cherry Hill and also at the Linwood Country Club in the Atlantic city area. Sign up for our newsletter to learn of forthcoming lectures and television appearances.

Dr. Morgan's Book is Now Available for Purchase through iUniverse &!

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Weight Loss: Mesotherapy and More is an invaluable source of information to achieve permanent weight loss and lose inches of fat without liposuction.

Dr. Roberta Morgan

Dr. Morgan practices integrative medicine which is a marriage of conventional and complementary medicine. Dr. Morgan travels extensively to continue training in anti-aging/longevity medicine. She has appeared on CBS, CNN, CN8 television programs, has been a guest on numerous radio shows, and lectures to both the public and physicians. Dr. Morgan's passion for medicine is a natural outcome of the fact that studying medicine is her favorite hobby.

Dr. Morgan's first book was What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Weight Loss. Two other books are presently being re-edited by her publishers, namely What Is Your Weight Loss IQ and Marriage- The Sexless Alternative - and How To Fix It (co-authored with Dr. Robert Fleisher) due for release Spring, 2015.

Dr. Morgan has prescribed bioidentical hormonal programs utilizing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for over two decades, and has traveled and studied extensively in order to achieve optimal results with patients from around the world.


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