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Kidney Stone Prevention

Flashback to my intern year working in the emergency room. Big guy, 6'5 pacing in agony with kidney stone. Gave him Morphine. Still pacing. Nurse didn't want me to give him more morphine. It was four a.m.and the only time I screamed an actual military order to give more morphine. The pain experienced passing a kidney stone has been compared to enduring natural childbirth. As I treated this man, and many others, I pondered whether kidney stones could be prevented.

B6, also known as pyridoxine hydrochloride, is essential to the amino acid glycine. Without B6, glycine creates oxalic acid, which creates more kidney stones. Remember please, no B vitamin can be taken in isolation as it shall produce a deficiency in all the other B vitamins. So back up your B6 with a high quality B complex which contains all the B vitamins.
And since you already thinking that Vitamin C forms kidney stones, please know that the prestigious Journal of Urology said not true.
If you want to avoid stones, nothing is better than water. Urine should be clear, not milky, dark, or stinky. Please know the B complex vitamins shall make your urine a chartreuse color. That is OK. Add lemon juice, which cuts down on uric acid, which can also contribute to stones.
Bottom line - water with lemon juice, Magnesium 200 mg twice daily, and B6 l00 mg daily backed by a high quality B Complex. FYI, some think P5P (Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate) the active form of B6 is better.


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