Dr. Foss MorganThirty-plus years ago, when she was competing in skating at a national level, she heard that the Russian figure skaters were having their blood tested frequently and were taking “vitamin supplements.”

Something intuitively told her that this was advantageous as the American skaters were training on the SAD (standard American diet), that is; white flour, white sugar, white fat, and white salt.

In l969, Prevention Magazine wrote an article about the Princeton Bio Center founded by the revered Carl Pfeiffer, M.D.  So off to Princeton to be “tested,” a program was implemented, and a passionate hobby was born.

Dr. Morgan became a self-propelled rigorous scholar, studied nutritional biochemistry, and ways to prevent and reverse disease.  So after teaching ice skating for eleven years, giving birth to two daughters, Dr. Morgan completed the University of Pennsylvania Post-Bacalaureate program to study inorganic and organic chemistry, calculus, physics, biochemistry…..for an additional two+ years (after her degree in psychology which didn’t require science courses.)  Upon return home from giving birth to her second daughter, there was an acceptance letter from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, after which a three year residency in general medicine was served.  Nutritional biochemistry, prevention, reversal of chronic degenerative conditions were not emphasized at any juncture of medical training. The good news is that Dr. M now understood what she was studying for fun, because she is now able to speak, read, and write the language of medicine.

Upon graduation from an allopathic (MD) residency, Princeton Bio Center needed a Medical Director.  During Dr. M’s training Dr. Pfeiffer had died, and in circuitous fashion, Dr. M was catapulted to the helm of her previous teacher/mentor who inspired thinking outside the box.  Patients continued coming to the Princeton Bio Center from all 50 states, as well as patients from 22 other countries.  The learning curve, the amount of studying, and attendance at medical conferences in the US as well as Europe – exponentially increased out of necessity.

RobertaAndSergeInCompetitionDr. Morgan studies daily and does not consider it a chore.  Treating patients in a panoramic way requires one to unlearn and relearn constantly.  Patients bring books, medical information downloaded from the Internet and Pub Med…..The first time a patient asked me to prescribe natural hormones, I said “sure, if you tell me what they are.”

Thousands of hours later, in addition to hormonal treatment, there is much to be added to a longevity program. Our health is not determined by one aberrant laboratory value. After listening, and asking many questions, a treatment plan is created for each patient’s unique biochemistry, requirements, and level of willingness to learn and participate in their present and future health.

Dr. Morgan lectures extensively, and has appeared on multiple radio and television shows. Her hobbies include her daughters Cara and Sam; her therapy dog Bob; and competing in International Gold Ballroom Dancing.