Amphetamines cause your brain to be flooded with the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

Your body builds tolerance to Adderall for two reasons:

1. Amphetamine tolerance is caused by excess Calcium influx through the NMDA receptor. Taking NMDA antagonists, prevent excess Calcium influx. Magnesium is an excellent NMDA antagonist, so take magnesium glycinate or magnesium taurate 200 mg three times a day. Do not take magnesium citrate, as it will acidify the GI tract and have a negative effect on absorption of your medication.

2. Adderall causes down-regulation of dopamine receptors. Adderall prevents your brain from breaking down dopamine causing an excess amount to be present in your brain. When your brain is subject to this effect for a long time, it compensates by decreasing the amount of dopamine receptors in your brain. Take the vitamin called inositol which upregulates (increases) the amount of dopamine receptors in your brain. Interestingly, inositol is used to treat bipolar depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sulbutiamine (synthetic derivative of B1 Thiamine) also increases the density of dopamine receptors.

There are three ways to potentiate Adderall – to make it work more effectively. Acidity weakens absorption so consider taking half a teaspoon of baking soda in water an hour prior to taking your medication. A small amount of caffeine increases the activity of Adderall. L-Tyrosine also potentiates Adderall. Nicotine contains a small amount of monoamine oxidase inhibitors which increase the effect of amphetamines.

YOU SHOULD NEVER COMBINE A PRESCRIPTION monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) WITH AMPHETAMINES OR OTHER STIMULANTS. The brain releases monoamine oxidase enzymes to metabolize any neurotransmitters as soon as they are released. MAOI medications are usually in the antidepressant category. A monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) prevents the brain from releasing these enzymes which causes the neurotransmitters to remain too long. COMBINING MAOI MEDICATIONS WITH ADDERALL COULD KILL YOU.

You may want to ask your doctor to prescribe Dexedrine instead of Adderall. Dexedrine is purely the d-amphetamine molecule while Adderall is a mixture of the d and l amphetamine molecules. Dexedrine has fewer side effects than Adderall. Adopt a healthy diet and exercise. Drink large amounts of fluids as taking Adderall can dehydrate you. Don’t skip meals. Jaw clenching and tooth grinding are common side effects of amphetamines. Some studies have suggested that Adderall can speed aging by increasing oxidative stress and by decreasing glutathione. Eat a diet high in antioxidants (seven colors of food) and supplement with NAC N-Acetyl Cysteine and riboflavin (B2). L-Theanine helps if you are experiencing mild anxiety….you can also lower the dose….and take weekend holidays off Adderall. L-Arginine helps expand blood vessels and can cure the feeling of cold extremities. If you have Adderall induced insomnia, take a high dose Vitamin C to acidify your GI and increase the rate at which your kidneys excrete any remaining Adderall in your blood. GABA and Melatonin are also useful supplement for insomnia.