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Other Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

There are vacuum devices which some men love, perhaps because they don't know about penile injections. There are penile implants which are often inserted at the same time as a prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate) which work fairly well. Two hollow chambers are placed within the paired cavities of the penis called the corpus [...]

Loss of Libido

If your Testosterone has been tested and interpreted correctly (using an equation which involves your Albumin, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and Testosterone levels), a Testosterone deficiency is often found. Treatment with Testosterone usually helps a man regain his former desire. Viagra does not increase libido because it doesn't work on the part of your brain [...]

How to Take Viagra For Maximum Effectiveness

There is a rumor that Viagra will be off patent in December, 2011. We shall see. Men in their 20s are taking Viagra, FYI. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals hit the ball out of the park. But I digress. The usual dose is 100 mgs, some men do well with 50 mgs. Viagra is to be taken on [...]

General Information regarding male sexuality

Men open emotionally after sex (usually the next day). Women open emotionally before, during, and after sex. I tell women patients that the French have a saying "many problems are solved on the pillow." Women would fare well to understand that men don\'t just want sex….they actually need sex. Some men can ejaculate even though [...]

Erectile Dysfunction

Men experience depression, embarrassment, and a diminished sense of masculinity when they are unable to achieve or maintain an erection. I often say, you men cannot fake it, women can. Only about 20% of men with erectile dysfunction problems ever seek professional help which is just plain sad. Seeing someone for help usually involves a [...]

Blood in Sperm

Hematospermia (blood in sperm) is perceived in medicine as a symptom of little significance --- unless symptoms occur longer than one month. The cause is usually inflammation as a result of infections: by Chlamydia, HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus), CMV (Cytomegalovirus), Trichomoniasis, prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, Gonorrhea, or calculis similar to kidney stones in seminal vesicles or [...]

Erectile Dysfunction Testing

Each night, your body tries to achieve several erections that are usually associated with dreams. It's fairly difficult to be anxious when you're asleep, so the sleep test gives the doctor a picture of your erection potential. Sexologists do a sophisticated at home test where they have you place two small rings around your penis [...]

Testosterone for Women

Men need a little estrogen and women need a little testosterone. A man with too little estrogen has the same symptoms as a woman with too little estrogen.... he gets acne and headaches, he loses his place mid sentence, he has aches and pains, he doesn't sleep as well, and he doesn't have much sexual [...]

Study Notes June 14, 2010 Breast Cancer

These study notes are the result of women who are frightened because they were required to have additional mammograms, ultrasounds, MRIs of their breasts. Some were even required to have a needle excision localized biopsy. Often, I was the only doctor with whom these women could entrust their angst at 6 pm on a Friday [...]


Progesterone is the first hormone to take a nose dive, not estrogen. In fact, during the perimenopausal years prior to actual menopause, if one obtains blood levels, we discover estrogen DOMINANCE and a progesterone deficiency. Refer to What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause by John Lee, MD.   As with all the [...]