We presently have an epidemic of Autism. In Brick Township, NJ one of every 127 children has some variant of the diagnosis. Autism is a neurologic disorder that is diagnosed via behaviors such as loss or delayed development of language, self injurious behavior, self stemming such as continuous hand flapping or head banging, inability to toilet train, sensory overstimulation, food defensiveness (usually self select five foods that exclusively include wheat and dairy), inability to sleep through the night, inability to focus, and bowel habits that run the gamut of moving their bowels once a week or ten to twenty times a day.


When first diagnosed at Johns Hopkins in the late 1930s, Autism was considered to be the result of refrigerator mothering. At the turn of the century, after exhaustive testing via MRIs, SPECT scans, spinal taps, EEGS, sleep studies, Fragile X studies…We know these children are different, both behaviorally and biochemically. In some cases, structurally. Few children have the luxury of an endocscopy (a test whereby a tube is placed through the mouth to view the esophagus and stomach, or below, to view the colon). The results often show inflammation of various parts of the “tube” running from one end (the mouth) to the other (the anus), and often, according to Dr. Wakefield’s work in England, there is an overgrowth of measles in the small intestine.


This is horribly fascinating. The first few hundred times I heard parents tell me their child was developing normally until around 15 months when they received the MMR was akin to telling me that antibiotics are worthless against bacterium. The MMR stands for measles, mumps and rubella and is usually given at l5 months. Complicated, because millions of dollars are at stake for individual states and pharmaceutical companies, and of course, modern medicine does not wish the resurgence of conquerable diseases. Numerous studies are being done presently re the thimerosol (Mercury) previously used as a preservative in the growing number of immunizations given. Congressman Dan Burton’s testimony speaks to the issue of immunizations after his grandson, who was developing normally, was given a toxic dose of thimerosal via immunizations, and developed autism. Please know we are not against immunizations, we just want to keep an open mind, and always question.


We are the first generation of humans to be exposed to environmental agents that did not exist in our grandparents day. At a California zoo, there is a sign on a vending machine telling people not to give this “food” to the animals or they may get sick and die. Our diets have changed dramatically since the 1950s from whole (real) food to white flour, white sugar, white fat, and white salt. We have electromagnetic radiation from numerous sources, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and hormones in our food supply. We have plastics which break down into estrogen mimics. We are full of estrogen, just not real estrogen – xenobiotic estrogens – fake estrogens – carcinogenic estrogens.


Let’s also remember that when we baby boomers were vaccinated, it was with monovalent (one vaccine), not trivalent (three vaccines) like the MMR, or DPT. And this is the first time in history to be done, whilst the child is unwell with green discharge from their little noses and an ear infection and antibiotic treatment. Must we not question? The child is unwell, and now we are giving them Measles, Mumps, Rubella and/or Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus in addition. Can their little undeveloped immune systems handle this? And why so many ear infections and antibiotics? Did the baby boomers receive these treatments? Let’s think about this.


We live in a world of neurological yellow canaries. We have allergies, food sensitivities, asthma, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, OCD, ODD, Tourette’s Syndrome, Sensory Stimulation Overload…One of my patients went into anaphylactic shock (could not breathe, nearly died) after his mother applied an over the counter moisturizer for his diffuse bodily dryness. What is happening?


There are so many theories regarding Autism. The most prevalent being that the child inherited the gene(s) for Autism and something turned it on. Parents believe in most instances that the MMR was when their child lost development and continued on a dizzying downward spiral. The theory is that the child has a compromised immune system which was overstressed with multiple environmental triggers and diet. Yes, diet. In some countries, they address the immunization issue by giving monovalent vaccines (one vaccine), without Mercury as a preservative, whilst the child is well. And in some countries, when the child is older and the immune system is more developed.


Conventionally, after the diagnosis of Autism, parents are told to arrange for institutionalization and/or behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy is a MUST, but not the panacea, nor is biochemical restructuring the panacea. Autism (allergies, asthma, ADD, ADHD…) require a multidimensional approach. Every child is biochemically unique, with some or all of the symptoms previously mentioned.

Listed below are SOME of the maladies and treatment modalities that help these children re-enter this world functionally:

    • Discrete trials, LoVaas Therapy, AIT, OT, ST, Behavioral Therapy, PEC
    • Deficiency of Sulfinated Amino Acid
    • Gluten Free/Casein Free diet
    • Heavy Metal Detoxificatio
    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therap
    • Infrared Sauna Detoxificatio
    • Maldigestio
    • Malnutrition (vitamin and mineral insufficiencies
    • Malabsorptio
    • Leaky Gu
    • Food and Environmental Allergie
    • Mercury Toxicit
    • Transfer Factor for Downregulation of Immune Syste
    • Sulphophenotransferase Deficiencie
    • Yeast Overgrowth (Candididiasis
    • Essential Fatty Acid Deficiencie
    • Endocrine Dysregulation, Especially Hypothyroidis
    • Gastrointestinal Inflammatio
    • Celiac Diseas
    • Lead Toxicit
    • Vitamin A/Bethanechol protocol

Personally, I occasionally prescribe psychopharmaceutical drugs. So we chemically lobotomize when absolutely necessary, or if the above protocol doesn’t produce increased function.

FYI, I recently learned that a Ritalin prescription after age 12 precludes your child’s ability to serve in the armed forces. There is an epidemic. We need to imaginatively think and ask why. Research is rapidly progressing. However, there is neuronal plasticity. Meaning, the younger we intervene both behaviorally and biochemically the better.

Contact the Autism Research Institute in San Diego, California for further information.

There are bi-yearly medical conferences called DAN – Defeat Autism Now where the latest biomedical research is presented to parents and physicians.