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Kidney Stone Prevention

Flashback to my intern year working in the emergency room. Big guy, 6'5" pacing in agony with kidney stone. Gave him Morphine. Still pacing. Nurse didn't want me to give him more morphine. I gave him more morphine. The pain experienced passing a kidney stone has been compared to enduring natural childbirth. As I treated [...]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome ~ Healing Leaky Gut Syndrome

That 35 foot tube (also called the GI tract or the gut) going through the center of you has two purposes in life. It must allow nutrients to be absorbed at the same time it prevents toxins from being absorbed. If the structural integrity of the gut breaks down, if the gut gets leaky......then undigested [...]


Myers "Cocktail" Intravenous Treatment Nutrient intravenous infusions were first developed by Dr. John Myers of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Known as the Myers Cocktail, it has been used extensively by Alan Gaby, MD President of the American Holistic Medical Association. Presently, hundreds of physicians in US offices, and even some hospitals, utilize this form [...]

Integrative Medicine

WHAT IS INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE, HOW ARE DOCTORS TRAINED, AND WHAT DO THEY DO The short answer is Internal Plastic Surgery. The commonly used term is Anti-Aging Medicine. Since I am not anti-anything, my signs now read Morgan Medical Centre of Integrative Medicine. When people ask what I do, I tell them I am an integrative [...]

Immune Enhancement

At some point during our time together, my patients are asked the following: "When we go to a mall, or a movie theater, or an airplane, and breathe recirculated air containing Tuberculosis, Varicella, Coxsackie, Mycoplasma, Pneumonia, Influenza - every virus, fungi, bacterium, parasite - why don't we all emerge with some kind of sickness?" Another [...]

How to Increase Gamma Amino Butyric Acid Type A Receptor Sites

Campral (contains Taurine) blocks N methyl D aspartate (NMDA) while stimulating GABA. Taurine produces anxiolytic (tranquilizing) effects and activates glycine receptors. NMDA is activated when there is increased glutamate activity. Topamax blocks Na channels, augments GABA, inhibits Glutamate. EPA and DHA in therapeutic doses similar to TBI protocol, inhibits Glutamate. AA/EPA blood test will determine [...]

How Did I Get So Fat and Why Am I So Hungry

Hello Everyone, HOW DID I GET SO FAT? WHY AM I SO HUNGRY? I recently attended a 5 hour calligraphy course. The following “food” was available: hoagies, soda (regular and diet), cookies, chocolates, brownies, pie, cake, chips, pretzels, and coffee. People were eating the chocolates during a 1 hour class and saying how tired they [...]

Hormones and Psychiatry

PSYCHIATRY Belgium, Brussels March, 2014 ~1~ Crying requires good Thyroid function SNS stimulated by Thyroid, E2, Adrenaline, Dopamine PNS stimulated by T, DHEA, Progesterone, Cortisol, GH Low E2, high P.......PMS, fatigue, depression (note PMS may require E2) PMS REQUIRES E2 and/or P High E2, low P.......PMS, anxiety, nervous PNS XS Cortisol Symptoms: swelling, weight gain, [...]

Hormones and Addictions

Hormonal replacement therapy not only improves the quality of life in patients, it also prevents unnecessary depression, anxiety and insomnia disorders all of which can lead the path to an addiction. Over ninety percent of addicted patients self-medicate with drugs and alcohol/sugar in their attempt to balance their brain chemistry and feel normal. The often [...]

Herpes Simplex Virus I and II

HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS I AND II HSV 1: shreds virus about 25% of time, even if asymptomatic SPREADS VIRUS ABOUT 5% OF TIME, EVEN IF ASYMPTOMATIC (NO SYMPTOMS) lives dormant in nerves near ear HSV II: shreds virus about 55% of the time, even if asymptomatic SPREADS VIRUS ABOUT 6-10% OF TIME, EVEN IF ASYMPTOMATIC [...]