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What is Pro-Aging Medicine

The term is really pro-aging with function accompanying our predicted increase in longevity. In Europe, and at many prestigious medical schools, the term used is Integrative Medicine.  Many are formulating their own "pro-aging" program with the help of the Internet, health food store personnel, and magazine articles.  Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Jefferson have an Integrative [...]

Hormonal Replacement Therapy Revisited 2009

The following is a synopsis of the article entitled THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HORMONE CONTROVERSY in the April, 2009 issue of MORE magazine. The article was written by Winifred Cutler, Ph.D. who has written eight books on women's health, and has published two respected medical textbooks on hormones. Dr. Cutler is a scientist and [...]

Exercise May Lengthen Our Lives by Lengthening Our Cells’ Lives

There are many proposed scientific mechanisms that explain why we age. One is called Telomeric Cell Death. Telomeres are strands of DNA at the tips of chromosomes -- and they regulate how we age. The way we play this game is learn how to prevent our telomeres from being cut off at the tip. When [...]