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Testosterone for Women

Men need a little estrogen and women need a little testosterone. A man with too little estrogen has the same symptoms as a woman with too little estrogen.... he gets acne and headaches, he loses his place mid sentence, he has aches and pains, he doesn't sleep as well, and he doesn't have much sexual [...]

Study Notes June 14, 2010 Breast Cancer

These study notes are the result of women who are frightened because they were required to have additional mammograms, ultrasounds, MRIs of their breasts. Some were even required to have a needle excision localized biopsy. Often, I was the only doctor with whom these women could entrust their angst at 6 pm on a Friday [...]


Progesterone is the first hormone to take a nose dive, not estrogen. In fact, during the perimenopausal years prior to actual menopause, if one obtains blood levels, we discover estrogen DOMINANCE and a progesterone deficiency. Refer to What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause by John Lee, MD.   As with all the [...]

Osteoporosis and Osteopenia – Prevention and Reversal

This is a silent disease. At 35 years old, women start losing 1 1/2% of their bone mass per year. During our formative years, we make deposits in the way of minerals (Yes, Calcium...also, Magnesium, Boron, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, actually we need 17 minerals to make new bone). And, by the way, the body is [...]

Female Sexuality

The year is 1995, and at that time I'm the Medical Director of the internationally acclaimed Princeton Bio Center. A stroke of luck on my part. A schizophrenic woman tells me she is unable to reach orgasm when she takes her medication. And, when she doesn't reach orgasm, the voices (her hallucinations) get more intense [...]

Estrogen Delivery Parentally

Parenteral means that the delivery system is not oral. Parenteral includes transdermal patches, transdermal creams, vaginal creams, injections and pellet delivery systems. In every one of these delivery systems, the first pass of the hormone is on the tissues of the body, not the liver. Therefore, the pellets keep the hormone levels level for months; [...]

Estrogen Delivery by Pill

Taking Estrogen by mouth is not natural. When you are producing your own Estrogen it is released into your bloodstream. When Estrogen is taken by mouth, it must be processed by your liver. When Estrogen is taken via a patch, pellet, or transdermal cream, it is then able to exert it's positive effects on all [...]

Estrogen Can Convert to Healthy or Carcinogenic Types of Estrogen

Estrogen can convert to all kinds of stuff with long names like 2-hydroxyestrone (the healthy kind of Estrogen that is an antidepressant, mood stabilizer, hydrates skin and vaginal vault, reverses insomnia and hot flashes, dilates coronary arteries, increases production of neurotransmitters, increases Acetylcholine to enhance memory, builds bone, increases collagen in skin, and 4-hydroxyestrone which [...]

Estrogen – You Have Estrogen Even If You Are Not Taking Estrogen

There are hundreds of types of Estrogen. Your own Estrogen and Estrogen which is prescribed is converted to different forms, some of which are healthy, some of which are thought to lead to growth of cancerous cells. Then there are synthetic Estrogens which are called Xenoestrogenic compounds and are ever present in our environment. WHERE [...]