Chelation (pronounced KEY LATION) is an intravenous therapy which has been done for fifty plus years thoughout the United State and Europe to remove toxic metals. The FDA approved indication for chelation is to remove lead toxicity.

For over one half century chelation has been used to remove not only lead, but other toxic metals as well — including but not limited to, aluminum (implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease), arsenic, mercury, and cadmium. Just to name a few. And all found in second hand smoke by the way.

There are few who would dispute that we live on a toxic planet, an environment qualitatively and profoundly different from our parents and grandparents. One brief example is a well advertised swift floor cleaning device that contains a chemical that is just one molecule short of antifreeze. That is what we are breathing. And if you are my patient you know it.

These environmental toxins, toxic metals, whatever you want to call them — are in large part contributing to the chronic degenerative diseases of aging we are experiencing. Heart disease is our number cause of mortality (death) among men and women (women should know breast cancer is not our number one cause of death). Cancer is presently a diagnosis for one out of three patients with the prediction that we shall all have some variant of the C word in our lifetime, even if it is benign.

Presently, after over one half century of patients saying chelation works and paying for it out of pocket, the NIH (National Institute of Health) is conducting a placebo controlled crossover double blind study. This means one half of the patients will receive just fluids, and the other half will receive the real chelation stuff. Please know the following statement is my personal bias. Nothing is done for fifty plus years which is not covered by insurance which does not work. We learned that with the mesotherapy which I learned in Paris.

Personally, I receive intravenous treatments so I may achieve my goal of living to be a healthy ll0+ lady riding my bike on the boardwalk and tending patients until I go out like a compact fluorescent light bulb.

Here is how the chelation therapy dance plays out. A complete history and physical is done, as well as complete laboratory studies. The chelation treatments are given with a very small butterfly needle using EDTA (ethylene diamene tetra acetic acid) which is an amino acid, mixed with fluids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These are dripped slowly over one and one half hours. A series of thirty treatments are given, usually one to two per week. Most patients choose to go on maintenance once a month after the initial treatment protocol is over, because they feel young again. This is internal plastic surgery.

Certainly, we do not want to return to dirt roads, horse drawn carriages, and no chemicals, however, this is a way to limit our poisons. And a way to get the poisons out. Most people hear that chelation clears your arteries, like roto rooter. Yes, chelation does clean your 225,000 MILES of arterial highways, but not like roto rooter. The biochemistry is quite complex. when a surgeon performs a CABG (coronary artery bypass graft) they repair the clogged area closest to the heart, but your remaining 225,000 miles of arterial highway most likely are still clogged.

Please think about that. For more information, read Bypassing Bypass by Elmer Cranton, MD, a Harvard graduate, a Chelation pioneer.