Each night, your body tries to achieve several erections that are usually associated with dreams. It’s fairly difficult to be anxious when you’re asleep, so the sleep test gives the doctor a picture of your erection potential. Sexologists do a sophisticated at home test where they have you place two small rings around your penis before going to sleep. The results are supposed to show four to five erections every night. Some last 45 minutes. Often, none of the erections are more than 50% firm. So then we know there is a physical problem. Rarely do we look for the cause of ED.

One in five men in their 50s cannot get a good erection any more. Time is of the essence so ED medications usually work, as do penile injections.

Then I wholeheartedly advocate addressing the real issue which may be clogged arteries, diabetes, a Prolactin excess and/or a Testosterone deficiency – to name just a few causes.

Entered on May 21, 2011 by Dr. Roberta Foss-Morgan