Parenteral means that the delivery system is not oral. Parenteral includes transdermal patches, transdermal creams, vaginal creams, injections and pellet delivery systems. In every one of

these delivery systems, the first pass of the hormone is on the tissues of the body, not the liver. Therefore, the pellets keep the hormone levels level for months; the injections keep them

level for 7-14 days, the patches keep hormones level for 3-7 days, and the topical gels or creams, level for 8-12 hours. The creams need to be reapplied every 12 hours.

Only 20% of women take Estrogen due to a combination of fear of Estrogen and negative experiences with oral Estrogen. By trying the transdermal Estrogen patch or the natural Estrogen

gels, creams, or pellets, many more women will experience the beneficial effects of Estrogen for your heart and brain.