There are hundreds of types of Estrogen. Your own Estrogen and Estrogen which is prescribed is converted to different forms, some of which are healthy, some of which are thought to lead to growth of cancerous cells. Then there are synthetic Estrogens which are called Xenoestrogenic compounds and are ever present in our environment.


Xenoestrogens are derived from petroleum oil, PLASTICS, microchips, medicines, clothing, foods, soaps, pesticides, herbicides, spermIcides, condoms, breakdown products of surfactants commonly used in detergents, cosmetics, and even perfumes. My interest is piqued when someone smells of synthetic fragrances.

It is this author’s view that xenoestrogenic compounds, our obesity epidemic, and poor nutritional intake are the etiology of the increase in cancer – not prescription Estrogen in and of itself. WE ARE AWASH IN A PETROCHEMICAL SEA OF XENOESTROGENS. One example of the damaging effects of Xenoestrogenic exposure is that male alligators in Florida are being born with female genitalia as a result of their environmental exposure to synthetic xenoestrogenic Estrogen. Dare we even postulate why there is a new diagnosis in Pediatrics called GID, Gender Identity Disorder. Scientists have speculated that environmental changes have altered our genetic structure. You do realize that those who seek Transgender Surgery are different, genetically and neurologically, right?

The Estrogen story expands in scope because I would like you to realize that there are hundreds of types of Estrogen but humans have three major types: ESTRONE which is in fat cells, ESTRADIOL which is the Estrogen of youth and the kind you are making when you are 18, and ESTRIOL which is the Estrogen of pregnancy. This pregnancy Estrogen is thought to be protective in that it does not stimulate breast tissue and is not able to stimulate the endometrium to thicken. Even if you had your ovaries removed, your adrenal glands, skin, and brain can make some Estrogen. Now you also realize that you are getting lots of Estrogen in the form of Xenoestrogenic compounds. If you had a hysterectomy and did not have your ovaries removed, your ovaries can make a little Estrogen. Have your Estradiol levels tested and replace Estrogen in physiologic amounts to prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s, which are the two major maladies that afflict us with aging.