There are many proposed scientific mechanisms that explain why we age. One is called Telomeric Cell Death.

Telomeres are strands of DNA at the tips of chromosomes — and they regulate how we age. The way we play this game is learn how to prevent our telomeres from being cut off at the tip. When the telomeres shorten and break off at the tip, this is called programmed cell death. Heretofore, we were taught that telomeric shortening with age was a complex dance of enzymes and proteins. Somehow these enzymes and proteins knew when your birthday was, and they would shorten the telomeres with the passage of time.

The goal here is to have long telomeres, even as we age. There is something we can do say the research scientists who have recently published how to lengthen your telomeres (Lancet 2007; 369:107 and Circulation 2009 Dec a5; 120:2438.)

A team of researchers from Germany have discovered that regular exercise IMPROVES blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, lipid profile, markers of inflammation, and abdominal fat. Exercise also slows cellular aging of your telomeres.

So, when you arrive for your next meeting with me, do not be surprised if I ask you to ride the LifeCycle which is one of the chairs in the waiting room. I have been shocked that many of you cannot do six minutes at 80 rpm (revolutions per minute). Oh my.

The goal here is to live long, and when we do die, go out like a light bulb feeling as vibrant as possible in all realms.