The year is 1995, and at that time I’m the Medical Director of the internationally acclaimed Princeton Bio Center. A stroke of luck on my part. A schizophrenic woman tells me she is unable to reach orgasm when she takes her medication. And, when she doesn’t reach orgasm, the voices (her hallucinations) get more intense and frequent. This patient was telling me that sexuality is not only important for procreation and recreation, but also for mental health! Women, you need sex.

Little boys are fascinated with their penis. They look at it, they touch it, and onlookers think it’s cute or tell them to do that alone. Little girls are told to stop that! Little girls wear white dresses for special occasions and to signify their purity.

Women don’t as a rule look at their genitalia. Ask your woman if she knows where her clitoris is (11 o’ clock, 2 o’clock), or where their G-spot is (approximately 1 and 1/2 inches on the anterior/front side of the vaginal vault).

Some Facts You Should Know:

70% of women have never had an orgasm (like the Seinfeld and Harry Met Sally episodes tell us, they are faking)

Unless the architecture between a man and a woman are compatible, most women are unable to have a penis in vagina orgasm (about 27% do)

Some women have a hooded clitoris making stimulation difficult

Some women require thyroid hormone as thyroid increases blood flow to the entire area – vulva, clitoris (which can grow to four inches in length when engorged with blood by the way)…This is analagous to a man’s erection. Unless there is relaxation of the penile musculature and relaxation of the dorsal vein of the penis, there shall be no sustained erection. This is how Viagra works (FYI there are 250,000 prescriptions written per week). Viagra works for women as well, and my speculation, most probably shall receive FDA approval in the future. You may want to consider buying stock

Women need to know where their clitoris and G-spot are. Vibrators, etc. are often required

Sex begins in the brain. The hypothalamus is a powerful aphrodisiac. Take the trash out. Be really nice to her even when she is not naked.

There are weekend conferences where women can learn about their sexuality, examine themselves for the first time, and learn to masturbate to orgasm – truly

And, since I am the hormone queen, I would be remiss if I didn’t report that upon orgasm twenty mgs. of Oxytocin is released. When I first learned this, I was curious. Why Oxytocin, the hormone that allows the uterus to contract during childbirth? European endocrinologists explained Oxytocin also enhances a couple’s feeling of closeness and tenderness with each other. Sounds good so far, but there’s more. Oxytocin MAKES ALL THE OTHER BRAIN NEUROTRANSMITTERS WORK BETTER

Oh, and we need Testosterone. Women make 1/10 the amount of Testosterone as men. I prescribe low dose pharmaceutically compounded Testosterone gel. My patients tell me that first they have a sexual dream. Then, when their husbands want to have relations, they don’t say, oh crap. Interestingly, some women do well with transdermal cream, some do well with transdermal gel, some do well with Testosterone taken by injection, some require the vaginal formulation containing more than just Testosterone

So, Testosterone isn’t just for men anymore. And sex isn’t just for men any more. Welcome to the millenium.

The French term for orgasm is la petit mort, the little death. Pardon my spelling, I’m only bi-lingual. The point, no man can give a woman an orgasm who doesn’t want one. Or, a woman who has never learned to have one.

Read, learn, get the book Kama Sutra. If you are local, visit the upscale Treasure Chest store on 21st and Walnut St. in Philadelphia.