Men open emotionally after sex (usually the next day). Women open emotionally before, during, and after sex. I tell women patients that the French have a saying “many problems are solved on the pillow.” Women would fare well to understand that men don\’t just want sex….they actually need sex.

Some men can ejaculate even though their penis isn’t erect. Ejaculation has a separate set of controls from erection and can take place even when the penile blood vessels don’t fill to create an erection.

Testosterone is the premiere treatment to enhance libido, but Viagra enhances libido in a roundabout way by ensuring a man will be able to achieve and maintain an erection.

Aging men have low Testosterone and feel much better on Testosterone replacement. Some men even require Testosterone and Viagra replacement. Men tell me that with aging, the strength of their orgasms have gone from a bang to a whimper. Testosterone, oxytocin, and MSH (Melanotan II) will enhance intensity of orgasm for men and women.

Male sexuality peaks around 16, female sexuality usually peaks around 30. However, more and more female patients tell me that they found their special purpose and joy of life in their 50s and 60s.

Viagra works for approximately 2/3 of men. Success is rather good for men with anxiety and other forms of psychogenic impotence. If a man is a brittle diabetic or status/post prostatectomy (removal of prostate), penile injections are prescribed.

Entered April 27, 2014 by Dr. Roberta Olivia Earnest Foss-Morgan