There are three major kinds of fat…….

. 1. Structural fat which cushions your organs and the bottom of your feet,
2. Reserve fat in case you don’t eat for a day or two,
3. Abnormal fat that accumulates over decades, contains toxins, causes cravings, and is nearly impossible to lose.

The obesity epidemic will bankrupt the “health care” system, regardless who pays for it. The major cause of most diseases is obesity and stress, both promote inflammation which is the precursor to any disease. Helping patients learn what, where, how, when, and why they eat, learning to eat with consciousness, and moderate exercise has been the mainstay of treatment for my overweight patients for the past twenty years. Patients would lose weight, their BMI (body mass index) would lower, their labs would improve, they would feel better……..yet they were unable to lose that muffin top, male pregnancy belly, saddle bags, floppy triceps, turkey chins……. They were unable to lose what is called abnormal fat.

For two decades I said I would never have a diet in my practice. With time I’ve learned to never say never. Although I have known of the HCG diet for twenty years, I didn’t understand the mechanism of action. Attendance at a medical conference with European endocrinologists taught me that the HCG diet was possibly one of the major way to help my overweight and obese patients. So I started with me. I purposely gained ten pounds to go on the diet. I wanted to know that my patients would be comfortable and actually lose fat from those places that are so resistant to weight loss. I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be hungry. I wasn’t hungry, I lost fat, and there was a redistribution of body fat when I looked at my birthday suit in a full length mirror.

The HCG diet works in the following ways:

Abnormal fat accumulates on the belly, hips, thighs, knees – and this fat is not used in a nutritional emergency

Obese people who diet first lose their normal reserves of fat, then they lose their structural fat (including the fat on the bottom of your feet). Eventually, with extreme starvation abnormal fat
is burned. But, since body fat is not redistributed, dieters lose weight in an unattractive way.

HCG has 237 amino acids, the alpha units affect FSH, LH, TSH, and the beta units are unique to HCG containing 145 amino acids – the biochemistry of weight loss is quite complex.

The anterior hypothalamus has receptor sites for HCG, which is of vital importance as the hypothalamus has fat banking potential capable of being reset.

HCG promotes destruction of fat cells.

HCG causes the hypothalamus to mobilize stored nutrients in fat cells. As a result, liquified nutrients are released into the bloodstream as a source of energy, so you are not only getting 500

HCG increases your metabolic rate to a rate similar in pregnant women.

HCG targets abnormal fat for calories – so you are getting more than the 500 calories on the diet.

HCG decreases sweet cravings, increases libido, decreases appetite, and increases metabolism secondary to increased hormonal levels.


weight loss weight loss

fat loss and burning minimal fat loss

spares lean muscle lean muscle loss

protects structural fat attacks structural and normal reserve fat

decreases appetite and cravings increases appetite and cravings

redistributes fat misdistribution of fat

increases hormonal levels decreases hormonal levels

The HCG diet should only be undertaken with the aid of a physician.