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Exercise May Lengthen Our Lives by Lengthening Our Cells’ Lives

There are many proposed scientific mechanisms that explain why we age. One is called Telomeric Cell Death. Telomeres are strands of DNA at the tips of chromosomes -- and they regulate how we age. The way we play this game is learn how to prevent [...]

Viagra – How It Was Discovered

Viagra was discovered somewhat serendipitously. Viagra (Sildenafil) was a medication known to have a significant effect on clogged arteries. Viagra didn\'t work so well for all the clogged arteries, but men noticed it did help with the blood vessel disease of their penis. Pfizer won [...]

Testosterone Replacement and Male Andropause

It is rare to find a man over 45 who does not have low Testosterone levels. However, the correct tests need to be ordered. And in case you were wondering, yes, men experience a kind of Male Menopause which is affectionately named Male Andropause. Testosterone [...]

Psychology of Sexuality for Men

Men are usually heartwrenchingly desirous to please their partner. One of the few human endeavors that fails to improve with concentration and determination is CREATING an erection. So we can forget Maxwell Gladwell\'s 10,000 hour rule for greatness when it comes to achieving and maintaining [...]

Psychogenic Impotence

Masters and Johnson did important work on sexual dysfunction in the sixties. Unfortunately, their findings that most men with erectile dysfunction (ED) have a psychological problem set progress back a bit. Medicine is dynamic, not static. We are always learning which is only one of [...]

Prostate Issues

My male patients often have higher Estrogen levels than my female patients.  Have you noticed that you are developing very small breasts?  Did you see the Seinfeld episode suggesting the need for a Male Bra?   For men, the prime of life is when your Testosterone levels are [...]