This is how we gain weight over the decades —
•chronic stress

•increase steroid and Insulin production

•increase appetite

•portions too large

•store belly fat which produces inflammatory hormones

•liver becomes  inflamed and filled with fat

•secondary to overeating, we are now Insulin Resistant

•Pancreas makes more Insulin, and eventually we get Diabetes

•very hungry

•eat because of  too much of the wrong hormones

•now you are eating because you are stressed

•return to chronic stress

The answer is to learn how, when, where, and why we eat.  Did you know there are l4 hormones that make you eat less, and 9 that make you eat more.
Did you know that little pretzel I used to get at a convenence store,  did I mention it was small —– is 60 grams of carbohydrate, which if you divide by four, tells you my body interpreted that   “small” pretzel as FIFTEEN teaspoons of sugar.  Get on and learn what you are doing.  Updated by Roberta Foss-Morgan, DO, September 3, 2007