In the event you are taking the medication Metformin (also called Glucophage), here is how it works:



    1. Increases Insulin sensitivity (most have Insulin Resistance)


    1. Inhibits destructive binding of glucose to proteins (including tendons and ligaments)


    1. DECREASES absorption of glucose/sugar – which does not mean one can overeat


    1. Improves circulation


    1. Reduces oxidative stress


    1. Reduces blood vessel leakage in eyes and kidneys


    1. Improves satiety


    1. Decreases carbohydrate cravings


    1. Decreases Insulin Resistance in Liver


    1. Inhibits gluconeogenesis (this is when your body starts to eat your muscles for calories)


    1. Calms hepatic (Liver) inflammatory response


    1. Facilitates communication between ovary and pancreas



Side effects from Metformin usually present as loose stools, which often resolves with time.  Metformin XR (extended release) has worked better with my patients and they do not seem to have any gastrointestinal (GI-tummy) side effects.


Metformin is generally prescribed for Type II Diabetes.  Please understand that if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is 25 or greater, if you have a midsection that will not disappear, Diabetes is in your slow cooker.  Ordering correct laboratory studies, taking measurements, determining your body composition which is how many pounds of fat, muscle, and water you are………will show that if we let you continue to gain weight…..Well, you know the answer.


If we continue to overeat, the pancreas continues to send Insulin to lower our blood sugar.  After many decades of this, our receptor sites for all this Insulin are Resistant and sugar is not able to gain entry to the cells.  That is why I say in my first book so many times, Insulin is a fat storing hormone.  Now all this Insulin is floating around causing belly and omental fat, and doing microdamage to the arteries in your heart, kidneys, and eyes, tendons and ligaments.  Most symptoms are invisible.  And when you think about it, most disease states are caused by this eating too much sugar.


I know you look great when you lose weight.  Please know you are also saving yourself and your family from seeing your golden years be horrific.  And yes, it is possible to look years and years younger and feel younger with fat loss.


We are awaiting FDA approval of a medication called Rimonabant which has been used in Europe for some time now.  This medication blocks the cannabinoid receptors, thus we shall eat less.  Rimonabant was supposed to be released in the US last February.  Updated 16 July 2007