The short answer is Internal Plastic Surgery. The commonly used term is pro-Aging Medicine. Since I am not anti-anything, my signs now read Morgan Medical Centre of Integrative Medicine.

When people ask what I do, I tell them I am an integrative Medicine physician. Most are confused. The purpose of integrative medicine is to have function accompany our longevity.

I prescribe pharmaceutical medications, but I also assess my patients in a panoramic way. I attempt to help you get on less medication if possible, lose fat, and attain your ideal weight. I restore hormones, neurotransmitters, muscle, quality sleep, libido, memory, and energy which naturally decline with age.

To practice Integrative Medicine requires a medical degree (MD or DO) in Family Medicine or Internal Medicine. I chose Family Medicine because I wanted to treat patients holistically. I trained with doctors in every specialty — surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, endocrinology, cardiology, orthopaedics, psychiatry, etc. This training enabled me to understand the work done by the myriad of specialists many my patients previously consulted.

Most baby boomers do not want to take multiple medications, nor do they want to age internally or externally. My patients do look younger secondary to becoming lean, sleeping well, and replacing what is depleted with natural aging.

The first visit involves a history that takes about an hour. I order many tests, and review the work of previous physicians. We enter a collaborative effort to help you achieve your goals. Integrative medicine is a specialty that involves regeneration of function, whether it is due to aging, chemotherapy, poor nutrition, environmental toxins, and/or the multitudinous other factors that contribute to disease.

Harvard, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia have a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, the new specialty. To learn this specialty fifteen years ago, I needed to travel extensively and study with Europeans and Americans who think outside the box.

My plan is to have my medical school, The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, have an Integrative Medicine Fellowship with my assistance. Obtaining a DO medical degree means that we received five hundred additional hours in the structure and function of our bodies — and, to look at the human body as a system. We are trained to think of every single system whilst treating our patients — nutrition, cardiology, endocrinology,& other specialties. We are trained to think of your situation as an integrative system of complexities and puzzles to be solved.

Integrative medicine physicians are able to do acute crisis care medicine. We are able to prescribe any medication, order any medical test, perform minor surgical office procedures — and learn when to refer you to a specialist who does sophisticated procedures to help determine your medical mystery in the event you remain unwell.

Rather than do acute crisis disease care, I prefer to regenerate, preserve, and extend optimal function. Medicine is my most passionate hobby, and my friends understand this is what I love to discuss. Hearing your medical story is not a bother to me, even in social settings. I love puzzles, and medicine. Your present state of health and what has been attempted to help you fascinates me.

The global point is that our chronological age and biological age do not need to be the same. I ask patients, how old are you, and how old do you feel? The goal is to die very old, feeling as young as possible. So many disease states can be prevented.