The only way to control your appetite and your weight is to limit carbohydrates to less than 100 grams a day. Twenty years of low-fat diet advise has failed in clinical trials and in real life to lower the incidence of heart disease and obesity.

Please stop the dieting roller coaster ride, with one exception — I allow patients to do the HCG diet under medical supervision.

You are losing about a half pound of muscle a year. When you diet, you are losing more muscle than fat. The one exception is that the HCG diet enhances loss of FAT.

In 7/9/02 New York Times Magazine cover article “What if Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat? (with a cover sidebar stating influential researchers are beginning to embrace the medical heresy that maybe Dr. Atkins was right.) a number of compelling issues are brought to light. Please know there are good fats and bad fats. Most of you have been eating low fat for decades, and getting heavier as a result. Dr. Atkins was by no means the first to push high-fat diets that restrict carbohydrates. The AMA actually had Dr. Atkins defend his diet in Congressional hearings. You have been told with religious certainty that obesity is caused by excessive consumption of fat, and that you need to eat less fat to lose weight. Despite adoption of the low-fat edict, declining cholesterol levels, and fewer people smoking, the incidence of heart disease and obesity has not declined.

You must understand how carbohydrates increase insulin levels and blood sugar.Insulin is a major fat-storing hormone Carbohydrates (bread, pasta, low fat foods where the fat is replaced by sugar, potatoes, cake, crackers, pies, candy, cookies…) create roller coaster blood sugar highs and lows. Protein and good fats stabilize blood sugar and help you control your appetite. If you eat refined carbohydrate rich foods, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE HUNGRY. Overweight children have tripled in number. Type 2 diabetes, which was formerly called adult-onset diabetes, is being diagnosed in adolescents. You live in a toxic food environment. Inexpensive fast foods are ever presently available. Gargantuan portions, seductive food advertising, and sedentary lives complete the puzzle to ensure you’ll gain more and more weight. Grain products and concentrated sugars were essentially absent from human nutrition until the invention of agriculture 10,000 years ago. Until the late 70’s the accepted wisdom was that fat and protein protected against overeating by making you sated (not hungry). Then fat was removed from foods and replaced with sugar. We knew from studies that olive oil raised the good cholesterol (HDL) and lowered the bad cholesterol (LDL). By the late 60s researchers were showing that high triglyceride levels (caused by high carbohydrates) were at least as common in heart disease patients as high LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol).

Allow me to attempt clarification. You are simply hungrier due to the physiological effects of carbohydrates. You eat carbohydrates because they are readily available. Carbohydrates produce the mood stabilizing brain chemical known as Serotonin. Many people have emotional triggers that cause them to overeat sugar-laden carbohydrates. When you are upset, you don’t usually eat three hard boiled eggs, six oranges (found in a glass of OJ), or four pieces of chicken or salmon.

You usually eat refined carbohydrates. then your pancreas sends out a lot of insulin to lower your blood sugar. Now your blood sugar is low again, and you are hungry again. If you’re always hungry, you have the not so genteel addiction to carbohydrates rich in sugar. Insulin is a major fat storing hormone. As your muscle is replaced by fat, it becomes increasingly easier to gain more and more weight. Eventually your pancreas is pumping out so much insulin that you develop insulin resistance (meaning that insulin can’t get into your cells). Excess insulin is the major cause of that muffin top and/or your fatty midsection that you can not so lovingly grab with both hands. In case you never thought about it, it isn’t normal to have fast food establishments, pizzerias, and delicatessens around every corner.

For you information:

You are hungry because your blood sugar is low. So then you eat carbohydrates to rapidly raise your blood sugar. Insulin (a major fat-storing hormone) rushes in to lower your blood sugar, and now you\’re hungry again! Does this sound familiar?
The only way to control appetite is to replace hormones that are deficient or imbalanced, AND to eat adequate amounts of protein and good fats
Drink water – if you’re 65 inches tall, drink about 65 ozs. of water a day
The HCG diet is the only diet I would recommend — and only if the patient is overwhelmed and requires relatively quick positive feedback
Your pancreas cannot tell the difference between the fake sugar in the little blue packets and real sugar – your pancreas still sends out lots of insulin
Your brain is 60% fat
Your 100 trillions cells contain a fatty phospholipid membrane which requires the good fats
The good fats increase BMR – basal metabolic rate – the rate at which you burn calories
The good fats tell your brain you are no longer hungry
A bagel is approximately seven slices of bread
The croutons on your restaurant salad is equivalent to two slices of bread
Pasta portions in restaurants are six times what a real portion should be (real portion – one half cup)
Eggs are a perfect food – think about it – it is the only food that if you let it keep going, becomes a complete animal with a beating heart
Some people are sensitive to certain foods with the response being edema (water retention) – could this be those last 10 lbs.
Food processing removes fiber, Vitamin E, the B vitamins
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And now, a partial primer on the good fats and the bad fats.

The Bad Fats are:

margarine (just one molecule short of plastic)

fats used in most restaurants, and all fast foods

fats in most packaged foods, prepared foods, crackers, cakes, pies, candy, cookies…

vegetable oils

The Good Fats are:

olive oil, the greener the better, glass jars

Fish Oils (EPA 1600 mgs., DHA 800 mgs) – Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Pharmaceutical Grade and Molecularly distilled, always take with Tocotrienols – Vitamin E or Polyphenols (antioxidants)

Flaxseed Oil (60% Omega 3, 20% Omega 6)

Evening Primrose Oil-Omega 6

GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid) increases brown fat — brown fat burns calories)

Organic butter, eggs, milk, cream (whole fat which contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid CLA which increases metabolism)

I advise my patients not to diet, unless they are going to do the HCG Diet under medical supervision. Learn how, what, when, and why to eat. Eat adequate protein (ideal weight divided by 2 is the grams of protein necessary per day) and good fats (olive oil, egg yolks, coconut oil, avocados). Drink enough water (if you\\\’re 65 inches tall you need 65 ozs. of water). Try no wheat or sugar for one month and you will look and feel leaner. Re-educate your palate. And you shall find curves you formerly had. Replace declining and imbalanced hormones.