Progesterone is the first hormone to take a nose dive, not estrogen. In fact, during the perimenopausal years prior to actual menopause, if one obtains blood levels, we discover estrogen DOMINANCE and a progesterone deficiency. Refer to What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause by John Lee, MD.


As with all the other hormones, Progesterone has multitudinous mechanisms of action such as acting as a natural diuretic, normalizing blood sugar levels and blood clotting, eliminating PMS, restoring sex drive, and building bone, to name a few. A few more things Progesterone does (lest this sound like stereo instructions) is facilitate thyroid action (make it work better), soften fibrocystic breasts, act as a natural antidepressant and prevent endometrial cancer. Remember please, we are speaking about natural biochemically identical Progesterone which is made by a compounding pharmacist.


What we are trained to prescribe in our Marine Corp don’t ask questions medical residency programs is synthetic progestins, similar to Progesterone and able to be patented by the pharmaceutical companies. If you didn’t hear the breaking news 7/9/02 re stopping immediately your American prescribed HRT, allow me to explain. The package insert for synthetic Progesterone tells us the side effects include cancer, bloating, depression. Most of my patients are bloated and depressed, they don’t need to be kicked off the cliff.


Conventionally, in the US, we are trained that if a woman does not have a uterus, she doesn’t require Progesterone. NOT TRUE, as there are Progesterone receptors thoughout the body, including my favorite organ, the brain. Progesterone is very calming.


Let’s discuss natural Progesterone, which means that is is biochemically identical to the Progesterone we were making so readily in our thirties. Yes, you can buy natural Progesterone cream in health food stores, but the amount of actual Progesterone is fairy dust. Women need a licensed medical physician to prescribe pharmaceutically compounded Progesterone. Dosing is unique, as is your unique biochemistry.