Obesity has doubled since 1980 and obese Americans now outnumber those who are overweight.

Carbohydrates which are refined, meaning white flour and white sugar, are reflected in your blood work as triglycerides, hsCRP (measure of inflammation), Insulin, C Reactive Protein, Albumin, Protein, etc. So I have a good idea what you are eating and how much of it is being absorbed.

The war against obesity is failing. The prescription of diet and exercise is not working. FAT loss occurs with the proper replacement of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, some prescription medications, nutrients and lifestyle changes. Most of us need to learn what to eat. The person working with you also needs to understand some biochemistry.

With aging there is Insulin Resistance. This means that as we age our body becomes resistant to allowing Insulin to move into your cells. Insulin shouldn’t be floating around your belly making fat, it should be in your cells. With increased Insulin floating around you will experience an increase of fat, especially in your tummy.

Insulin is increased when we eat white flour and sugar. Insulin decreases your blood sugar. So when you eat refined foods, your blood sugar goes way up, then your Insulin goes up, then your blood sugar goes down. Now you are hungry again. You are always hungry.

Take your postprandial (after a meal) blood sugar. In order to lose FAT, you need to know what your postprandial blood sugar should be.

Recent research shows that Inhibiting amylase enzyme and alpha gludoronidase enzyme inhibits carbohydrate absorption. There are actually pills that stop the refined food from being absorbed! My question is “does this mean we can take a pill and stop the refined food from being absorbed and lose weight?”

A good way to get chubby is to eat grains (wheat), synthetic hormones, and corn. Corn is in 100% of our food supply. The farmers put synthetic hormones, corn and grain in their livestock to make it fatter.