Epilepsy and non-localized brain dysfunction have been invoked as underlying factors of BPD (severe post traumatic stress disorder). Serotinergic, Dopaminergic, Noradrenergic, and Cholinergic neurotransmitters abnormalities seem to be involved

Anterior Cingulate Gyrus = Mood

Second toe greater than big toe = known as Morton’s toe = patient needs Pyridoxyl 5 Phosphate secondary to inability to convert to active form of B6 (required to make neurotransmitters)

Tyrosine improves depression

Periodic psychosis: increased psychomotor excitement for 7-14 days prior to menstruation. Associated with temporal lobe EEG abnormalities and Progesterone deficiency

Estrogen increases dopamine transmission

LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) 4.5 mg HS is an opiate blocker that can produce a rebound like increase in endorphin production

Decreased thyroid (Free T3 blood test and thyroid antibodies) is associated with increased cholesterol and poor immune function

Increased Insulin from a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates increases Estrogen dominance, as does increased Cortisol


balances Estrogen
prevents strong Estrogen from stimulating breast cells
causes breast cells to differentiate, which is protective
decreases the amount of Estrogen made from androgens
low levels in men and women associated with increased risk of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer
stimulates p53, the antitumor gene

Increased Insulin associated with increased risk of breast cancer

Testosterone prevents the stimulation and growth of breast cells produced by strong Estrogens, environmental xenoestrogenic compounds and synthetic Progestins. Testosterone is part of a treatment plan for women with breast cancer in Europe.