Men need a little estrogen and women need a little testosterone. A man with too little estrogen has the same symptoms as a woman with too little estrogen…. he gets acne and headaches, he loses his place mid sentence, he has aches and pains, he doesn’t sleep as well, and he doesn’t have much sexual desire. Well, if a woman has too little testosterone, she loses her former ability to be assertive, there is decreased nipple and clitoral sensitivity, maintaining or regaining muscle mass despite strength training is pretty impossible, oh….and she has decreased or absent libido accompanied by decreased or absent orgasms.

I often overdose on estrogen, progesterone, or DHEA so if a patient reports symptoms of excess….. I can really really feel their angst. But I always said I wouldn’t ever overdose on testosterone. Then too many women told me that if their beloved husbands died before them they wouldn’t date or have self relations. Too many women told me that they are dead from the waist down! Ever the scientist, I had to help them so I decided to apply too much testosterone cream. Then I gave myself a small injection of depot testosterone. This is what I learned….women usually think about their weight every 15 minutes and men usually think about something that starts with S…..sports or sex. Think the s words should be in alphabetical order.

I have had the beautiful experience of saying to myself after seeing patients……”Well, it’s really good I had office hours today, because I may have helped save another marriage.” Sex won’t save a marriage but it usually helps keep the lines of communication open. Most men communicate sexually. Most women communicate verbally. Since most of us didn’t learn how to really listen and thus communicate verbally, most require sexual communion. Then maybe, just maybe, the next day we can try to be selfless and listen.

Some other observations I have had replacing testosterone in women were enlightening. Women who never liked sex, and I mean never……….suddenly realized they were sexual beings. Other women who were too nice, always agreed and tried to make everyone happy………..found they had a voice. Women who were lean, but flabby, were able to build muscle. Women slept better. Yes, women need a little testosterone and men need a little estrogen.

Symptoms of overdosage are not a hoarse voice and a beard as many women fear. Excessive testosterone replacement in women results in oily hair and skin, acne, chin hairs, and sparse hair around the lips. In 20 years I have seen two women experience clitoral or vulvar hypertrophy (enlargement). If a woman is applying a judicious individually tailored dose of testosterone and she is properly treated with estrogen first, only the positive benefits will be yours.