Dr. Foss-Morgan’s Medical Practices

The Morgan Medical Center of Integrative Medicine was founded in 1997 in idyllic Haddonfield, New Jersey. For the convenience of our patients, we’ve recently added a practice at the Jersey shore in Ventnor, just one block from the beach.

Our patients come from all over the United States and—at latest count—22 other countries.

The Haddonfield, NJ practice is housed in a three-story home located at 124 West Kings Highway in Haddonfield, one-half hour from the Philadelphia airport and two hours from New York City. Patients traveling long distances often stay at a bed and breakfast in town.

The Ventnor, NJ practice is housed in a four-story home at 6100 Atlantic Avenue. The Ventnor practice is one mile from Atlantic City; 200 yards from the boardwalk and ocean. For those patients traveling long distances, the Atlantic City Airport is only fifteen minutes away and overnight accommodations at the Ventnor medical practice can be arranged.

The initial visit involves a detailed medical history, a physical exam, and appropriate laboratory studies. Testing may include: laboratory studies via blood (including testing ALL hormonal levels), ECG/Echocardiography, measurement of fat/muscle ratio, waist/hip ratio, measurement of blood/urine for toxic metal screening, stool testing for gastrointestinal function, fungi, bacterium, parasite. Since each patient is biochemically unique, so is the workup ordered. We offer intravenous therapies at both medical offices.

Patients bring all medications, supplements, over the counter remedies and any previous studies to their initial consultation, which is approximately one hour. We review any former studies, and address whole food nutrition, exercise, attaining or maintaining lean body mass, and life stressors. As the mind cannot be separated from the body, we will offer you a reading list to meet your specific needs.

When our patients are functioning optimally; i.e., no fatigue, no insomnia, no GI distress, return of libido, they are “in maintenance” and are seen every three months. Progressing to maintenance usually requires two to ten visits. It is not uncommon for our patients to have twenty to forty symptoms at their initial consultation. We love working with complex puzzles requiring that chaos to be converted to order. Modalities such as acupuncture, supplement programs, yoga will be discussed and recommended.

Our patient’s treatments vary, as will fees to some degree. No insurance is accepted. We are currently accepting new patients on a limited basis.

Office policy is such that your office visit is reserved and uninterrupted. We are very respectful of your time and you shall not have to wait. Since we do not overbook, a credit card is required on file in the event visits are not kept. If you are accepted as a patient, Dr. Morgan will be available via her cell phone for emergencies.

Patients will receive a monthly newsletter entitled “What Has Dr. Morgan Been Studying” summarizing the most up-to-date research obtained via Dr. Morgan’s daily study schedule and attendance at medical conferences. Information is obtained via myriad sources such as the Life Extension Foundation, American College for the Advancement of Medicine, Dr. Jonathan Wright, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4) Medicine, conferences with European endocrinologists, Integrative Medicine specialists, and neuropsychiatry.

As Dr. Morgan admits to having a learning addiction, follow-up visits provide patients with up to date longevity information. We have progressed from the industrial age to the information age. This requires physicians to continuously learn, unlearn, evolve, and relearn.