Why do you gain so much weight as you age? Why is there so much loss of muscle as you age? Why is there so much fat accumulation in your belly? Can you ever get lean again? Why do you keep losing weight and regaining it…plus some? Patients tell me that despite exercise devotion and eating clean — they lose weight very slowly, they can’t get rid of their muffin top, and they can’t make muscle like they could when they were younger! What happened?

“Natural aging” and eating American style is what happened. When you were in your 20s and perhaps your 30s you could eat the standard American diet rich in white flour, white sugar, white fat, and white salt — without gaining a pound.

But wait. When you were young and full of life-sustaining hormones, there was a certain time of the month when you just couldn’t stop eating and you couldn’t get full. You rapidly gained 5-7 pounds. You were bloated. Your mood was truly certifiably unstable. Oh right, this all happened when your hormones were out of balance..when you were premenstrual.

Remember PMS when you would eat the dining room set, retain water, and be ready to burn down the building if you dropped a paper clip? There is a correlation between your hormonal imbalances premenstrual (and now postmenopausal) and your weight gain, your mood, and your food cravings. If the imbalance in just two hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone, affected your rapid weight gain, mood instability, bloating,and carbohydrate food cravings…..can you even imagine what is happening now that at least 9 major hormones are imbalanced.

I recently returned from Belgium where I attended a medical conference given by the forth-generation eminent endocrinologist, Thierry Hertoghe, MD. Two-hundred doctors attended from all over the world. There were 3 doctors from the US. The European approach to weight loss is that it is nearly impossible to lose fat and regain muscle without correcting hormonal deficiencies and imbalances!

The European way to lose weight is to correct hormonal imbalances and deficiencies, improve unhealthy food preferences with nutritional and neurotransmitter (brain chemicals) replacement, lose fat and regain lean muscle, and relearn behavioral eating patterns. In other words, there is an integrative approach to regain lean body mass and lose fat. There is acknowledgement that how, what, how much, and why we eat and how much fat we gain is affected by more than calories in, calories out.

In the US, the weight issue plan is that you sorta kinda go to voluntary rehab to lose weight when you go on a diet. So you temporarily rid your receptor sites of the addictive substance, namely refined foods devoid of nutritional value. But then you are released to the real world full of overabundant, devoid of nutrition food. You are released back into the arms of your previous drug-addicted friends…who constantly and unconsciously indulge in your drug of choice, namely refined carbohydrates. Refined food adversely affects hormonal and neuronal balance. The brain scans of carb addicts light up just like they just did cocaine!

To overcome any addiction requires a change in consciousness. “Eating clean” 5 out of 7 days in the US requires learning. Most American diets don’t teach you what you need to know about weight loss; how your hormonal, neurotransmitter, and nutritional deficiencies stimulate your appetite, or how your eating behavior affects conscious overconsumption. You will reduce the amount you eat by 50% when you learn how to eat.

I suggest that you do a consciousness raising experiment. Watch people eat when you go to a restaurant. Note that very few put their fork down, chew until liquid, refrain from speaking while chewing food. Eating quality fat and protein, and chewing is necessary for your brain to register that you are full. If you want to count anything, count how many grams of carbohydrates you have every day. Carbohydrates cause your blood sugar to precipitously rise, then insulin (a major fat storing hormone) rushes in to lower your blood sugar, then your blood sugar is very low and you are hungry again. We are a species that has evolved to survive starvation, but not to resist abundance.

While the media continues to confuse you by reporting that hormones aren’t an option……the Europeans are prescribing multiple bioidentical hormones, appetite-reducing nutrients,and neurotransmitters. Have you noticed that most men don’t have cellulite. Women need low dose testosterone to make new muscle and emancipate cellulite. Europeans are taught that deficiencies and imbalances of hormones, nutrients, and neurotransmitters increase intake of sugar laden carbohydrates, tranquilizers, cigarettes, and alcohol to feel less anxious. Maybe there is a reason you feel better, seem to need, 3 glasses of wine at dinner.

Exercise is vital. Just remember that you can undo 2 hours with a personal trainer with 6 minutes of indiscreet standard American diet unconscious eating. Acknowledge that drinking too little water leads to increased eating because your body is thirsty. Wear a tight dress or belt around your belly button and you will notice pressure after a few bites. Then you can eat slowly and watch how others eat with the reckless abandon of those released from prisons of confinement and starvation.

The European weight loss protocol is presently being explained in the rewrite of my first book, What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Weight Loss. My goal is a December, 2014 release.